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Mission, Vision, Values


Our scope of business is the production of technological products; its competitiveness is based on the creation of abilities and values which cannot be duplicated over night. Our work is our choice; we see it as pleasurable play which helps us grow. We trust each other and at the same time our organization is trusted.


To be a leader with at least three products present in different technological branches.



  • Dispersion of responsibility
    Managers who support employees; employees who monitor their own work.
  • Principles of natural resource allocation
    What has potential is given special attention and resources, whereas what has no potential is systematically rejected.
  • We are protecting people without overprotecting them from the consequences and possible consequences of their behavior, since while overprotecting them we are sending them a message of their incompetence and weakness, making it clear that the responsibility does not lie in their hands.
  • We seek improvement while accepting our current reality as good, to say the least.
  • Where there is a wish there is a way.
  • The thing that is important to us is "how something can be done", and not "how something cannot be done".
  • Everybody brings their own decisions and it is only because they want to.
  • Everybody is responsible for their own behavior.
  • I am trying to be honest with myself, to recognize and ignore illusions.
  • I consider things that are important to me, but things that I cannot affect are not the centre of my dedication.
  • I respect the right of every individual to bring his/her own individual decisions and to have his/her own attitude.
  • I am readily testing my attitudes and customs.

Abundance Mentality

  • The principle of consensus or absence of agreement.
  • The potentials are unrestricted; somebody's gain does not imply my loss.
  • In most cases, the best agreements are not originally mine or somebody elses; they are mutual.

Openness and respect

  • We are not restricted to pleasant talk in mutual communication.
  • We do not leave the important things unspoken; everybody knows his/her position at all times.
  • We mutually respect other opinions, we are trying to understand other points of view, and we, at the same time reserve the right to our own opinion.

Individual growth

Our organization is as a learning machine, a culture of enrichment and personal growth.


Our partners trust us and we trust each other.


  • Focus on goals instead of methods.
  • Flexibility of internal subjects to mutually arrange any business cooperation which is not standard, as long as it is environmentally friendly.