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What is VPM and who is it for?
Virtual Production Management is a ERP (Enterprise resources planning system) .
It is customized for the type of manufacturing company that has:

  • A lot of input (half products and raw materials)
  • Sophisticated production process
  • More products being continuously produced in small to medium series.

VPM's competitive advantages?
Tailored for specific manufacturing organization’s profile, this system allows much more than standard ones designed mainly from the accounting aspect.
It's main advantages are in the fields of:

  • Comprehensive cost control
  • Real time production processes monitoring
  • Operative process automation
  • Quality management – written trace
  • Comprehensive technological information management

Our distinctive competencies
Usually, ERP systems are developed by the information technology oriented organizations .
While their competitive advantage is high programming efficiency, ours is the ability to design a system from the eyes of a progressive user and to continuously test it in real conditions without rush.
This development cycle continues year after year, upgrading and improving the system based on the continuous first hand feedback.

VPM's market launch is planned for early 2010.